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Outsmarted is the revolutionary board game that uses the power of technology to create the most exciting, immersive board game experience ever!! Put your friends & family in the Hot Seat of your own ‘Live TV Quiz Show’.

Feel the pressure! Rack your brains!! Beat the clock ⏱️!!! As you try not to be Outsmarted!!!!

Incredible interactive questions brought to life through the power of modern media 🎵🎬💪🏽

Feel the tension.. Rack your brains.. Beat the clock ⏱️! Do you have what it takes to Outsmart your family & friends?

Kids 🆚 Teens 🆚 Adults.

Outsmarted adjusts question difficulty & context to create a level playing field. 👀 Watch out adults... Anyone in the family can win!

Your friends & family can now join your game wherever they are in world! There's even a virtual board and voice-chat functionality. All they need is the free Outsmarted app! 🌎

Make the most of surprise bonuses and watch out for turbo mode! 😮 Track who’s winning on the in-game leaderboard, so you don't get left behind!! Collect all 6 IQ rings to make it through to the tense FINAL ROUND

Say goodbye to stale, outdated questions! All 6 categories have weekly updates and our Breaking News category is updated daily 🗞️

🧠 Can you think fast and problem solve under pressure? Our Quick Thinking category is packed full of quick-fire, brain-squeezing questions. It’s a fantastic test of critical thinking skills, not just your knowledge!

The visual nature of Outsmarted questions ignites young minds in a way no other board game can! Our Back 2 School category is packed full of math, English, science, geography and history questions, written by teachers, with junior & teenage players in mind 👩‍🎓

📲 Play with just one shared table-top device, or connect additional mobile / tablet devices as handheld game controllers. In team play, up to 24 players can connect in the same game! Perfect for family game nights, adult party nights and remote-play games.

STUCK ON A DIFFICULT QUESTION.... 🆘 ? Use a lifeline!! Get an extra 30 seconds to think, reduce the odds and go 50/50, or even SKIP to the next question. Use them wisely!

The average board game comes with around 1,000 (text-only) questions in stale categories for just one age band. Outsmarted is a giant leap:

  • 6,000+ questions!
  • Age-specific for kids, teens and adults!
  • Accompanying image / music and video clips!
  • Always up to date!

Over time if you play a lot or if you just want to customise your game there's an in-app question store which gives you instant access to a library of great free and low cost additional packs and categories!

Outsmarted features questions in six highly innovative, exciting categories:

Breaking News
 - Test your knowledge of current events across a broad array of topics. If it happened yesterday, it could be a question in Outsmarted today!

Quick Thinking - Test your ability to think under pressure. Includes logic puzzles, riddles, visual reasoning, verbal reasoning, spot the difference, math and more.... 

Sound & Music - Test your knowledge of music. Questions brought to life with song clips that the whole family will sing along to! From "name that tune" to "what lyric comes next". Adult questions span music from the 1960's to the present day!  

TV, Film & Books - Test your knowledge of TV, films and literature, with questions featuring stills from blockbuster movies and celebrity images. Adult questions span cinema from the 1960's to the present day!  

Back 2 School - Test your academic abilities. Our illustrated Back 2 School questions cover everything you may have learnt at school. Maths, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and more... Our Back 2 School questions were written by teachers based on the national curriculum! 

Pub Quiz - Test your knowledge in the fields of sports, celebrity, politics as well as an eclectic mix of interesting facts and trivia. With images and video clips. 

3 different strategic lifelines / a quiz show style Final Round! / in-game team and player leaderboards / bonus wheel spins, treasure chests & surprise bonuses / team & individual game modes / 30, 60 & 90 minute game options / in-game statistics / auto-save game feature / player photos & team icons / new points based game option... and many more new features coming soon! 


    (**Includes - Einstein, Da Vinci, Cleopatra, Washington-Carver, Lincoln & Confucius) 

    (**NOTE - Color hand-painted miniatures only available in the Ultra Edition)

    You can play Outsmarted using any one of the following devices: 

    iPhone / iPad / Android mobile / Android tablet / Windows PC / Chromebook 

    Play with just one shared device or easily connect up additional secondary devices as handheld quiz controllers for an even more interactive gameplay experience.   

    ** Requires internet connection to play
    ** Minimum specification to run Outsmarted App - iPhone 6 or greater / Android 7 device or greater / Windows 10 or greater
    ** Recommended 3GB's system ram
    ** Connect up to 24 devices - 1 device per player

    The Quick Start instructions are available directly within the Outsmarted app, you can also preview a PDF version on this link: 

    Instructions - Version 1.3

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    The table below shows the difference between the three available versions of Outsmarted!


    ** Game box, game board & dice
    ** Six 3D genius miniature figurines
    ** The Outsmarted app & all future app updates
    ** Game License key - unique to each game owner
    ** 6,500+ interactive, multi-media questions
    ** Free bonus question categories
    ** Free lifetime product support


    Includes the following additional extras:

    ** Six hand-painted, color genius miniatures (upgraded from solid grey)
    ** Folding Outsmarted tablet stand


    The Big Bundle includes the Ultra Edition and the Quizillionaire add-on category pack. 6 new question categories with 2,500 bonus questions! 

    Quizillionaire categories:

    ⏱️ Sports & Leisure
    ⏱️ History, Politics & Geography
    ⏱️ Entertainment
    ⏱️ Science & Nature
    ⏱️ Lifestyle & Culture
    ⏱️ Business & Technology

    Device Types

    Outsmarted can run on the following devices:

    iPhone / iPad / Android mobile / Android tablet / Windows PC / Chromebook 

    Supported Operating systems

    Outsmarted is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

    Minimum Requirements

    * Requires internet connection
    * iOS 14 or greater
    * Android 9 or greater
    * Windows 10 or greater
    * 2GB of RAM (3GB recommended)

    Device Connection

    Only one main device is required to play. You can connect up to 6 additional devices to the main device as handheld quiz controllers for an even more interactive gameplay experience. 

    A small sample of the 350+ verified Trust Pilot reviews:  

    The best game I've played in over 20 years!!!!

    This is such an awesome game! Has an incredible range of categories and it's great they get updated; Breaking News for example. Finally, a game where people haven't memorized answers on cards. You never know what interesting and or wacky question will come up. It's great you can pick and choose what to set of categories to play and send the game code to friends and family to play alongside you. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys quiz games. Best game I've played in over 20 years!!!!!

    Xavier Nichols, Trust Pilot

    We love this game

    WE LOVE THIS GAME, we're a family who love to quiz, my daughter got me this game for Christmas its a great game tons of questions, it's a great laugh and being able to play against other family members around the country is great. Customer support are great and very quick to help. Gives it a personal touch. I'd 100% recommend this game to everyone.

    Kelly Nicole Garety, Trust Pilot

    One of the best board games there is

    One of the best board games there is. And to make it interactive as well as remote, is genius. The team that designed this are top of their game and can’t wait for more addons. Great stuff!

    Dave Hunt, Trust Pilot

    Fantastic game for all the family

    I have been seeing Outsmarted on Facebook for a while and decided to get it. This game is excellent, bought all the questions packs there are so many questions it’s unreal and such good fun, me and my family have been playing it most the night. Customer service is amazing, so fast and friendly. If your thinking of buying this - DO IT!! You won’t be disappointed.

    Matt, Trust Pilot

    Outsmarted the Game

    This is a game that’s a cross between who wants to be a millionaire and trivial pursuit. It’s played on your phone or the master device can cast to a compatible tv. Was a godsend during lock-down and players can also play remotely.

    Worth every penny in my opinion.

    Gary, Trust Pilot

    Outsmarted the Game

    Outsmarted! is our favorite family game! With family all over the UK and the US we can all connect together virtually and enjoy playing along. I love the fact the game has evolved and developed since receiving the game back in December 2020. It keeps it fresh and exciting, particularly as we play very regularly. Also, my experience with their customer service is second to none!

    Rachael Carrott, Trust Pilot

    Unlike Trivial Pursuit the questions are... 

    Unlike Trivial pursuit the question are regularly updated especially Breaking news. The update to the music round makes for a very exciting game that is always up to date. You can play remotely via your phone joining multiple players or teams.

    S Howell, Trust Pilot

    A game we keep coming back to and it keeps getting better

    We have had the game for just over a year. Played it heavily over Christmas 2020 and during the lock-downs, my family loved playing it and would ask to play regularly. Was excellent to play remotely during lock-downs and will be improved with the virtual game board. Didn't play as much during the summer, but came back to it over Christmas. The app has improved with new features, a new game mode, and new questions. As its online, the game can be updated and the breaking news category means there's is always current questions. The developers are always looking to improve and have taken feedback well to improve the game. Can't recommend enough!!!

    Neil White, Trust Pilot

    Excellent for Remote Play & connecting family

    This has been such a great game to bring households and family together. It really is suitable for all ages and the questions are pitched perfectly. The regular updates have made the playing experience slicker and slicker and a great experience for all players.

    Carol Bryant, Trust Pilot

    Outsmarted is a brilliant game!

    I took a chance and bought it in its infancy when the company were crowd funding. I’m so glad I did - we played it so much during lock-down with family members that we couldn’t visit but we’ve also played it loads since. The questions get updated so are always current and there are different ways to play too. You definitely won’t be disappointed by this game.

    Julie Bickle, Trust Pilot