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Strategy Tips

To be the best at Outsmarted takes a unique blend of knowledge, quick thinking, logic and nerve. Here are some good tips for game strategy:

  • Focus. A lot of questions are designed to leave you with no time to think. Complete focus is needed from the first second of the countdown to give you the best possible chance. 
  • Know when to use an assist. If you go out all guns blazing with your assists, you won’t have any in reserve for the crucial ring questions. Likewise, if a question comes with a significant surprise bonus, it’s often worth using an assist or two to nail that question and grab the bonus.
  • Stay goal oriented. For example, when playing a fixed time-length game of 60 minutes and there is a tie for first place, the winner could be decided by the number of assists each player has remaining when the time is up.  So conserve your assists  in a fixed-time match - unless you’re going all in on a ring question.
  • Make quick decisions. Quite often it’s clear that one or two possible answers are definitely wrong.  When under pressure, quick decisions to eliminate these is often the difference between winning and losing. 
  • Plot your path. Going for your strongest categories can be a good idea in a fixed time game of 30 or 60 minutes. And if possible, memorize the 'roll again' opportunities so you don't miss them.         

          Ways to Play

          There's definitely more than one way to play Outsmarted! From intimate two-player games with just an iPad to the real Game Show experience on a big screen TV. Which one will you become?
          • The Purist - The purist has trouble letting go of that dusty old question pack, but soon realizes Outsmarted is just.. a lot better! So they opt for intimate candle-lit iPad sessions (with the volume set low), playing with their partner or perhaps even a guest or two on very special occasions.
          • The Family Guy - The family guy (or girl!) understands Outsmarted is the perfect way to get the whole family involved. They have struggled to find a game that everyone enjoys playing and their kids spend more time glued to their phone than reality. But with Outsmarted everyone's happy and can compete together, best of all... their kids are learning without even knowing it!
          • The Frenemy - The frenemy is your best friend until they get around a table with a board game. They suddenly change to be uber competitive. They are prone to sending invites weeks in advance - "How about Outsmarted three weeks on Saturday?" They make sure their iPhone 11 Pro is fully charged before the game starts because they somehow believe all that processing power and a full battery gives them an edge.
          • The Show Off - The show off streams Outsmarted to their 4K projector with their 8 speaker Dolby Digital setup providing an arena-like atmosphere. They place a large leather chair in front of the screen and everyone has to take the hot-seat during their turn with a spotlight shining down on them for extra pressure!
          • The Control Freak - The control freak runs Outsmarted on their Windows laptop and streams their laptop screen to the TV. They then act as a TV show host using their mouse to control the game. They can be heard frequently saying "Is that your FINAL answer?" & "That's the WRONG answer!"
          • The Party Animal - The party animal invites everyone over for a mass team game of Outsmarted. Rounding up 6 teams of 4 players (24 total)! They also have a giant trophy for the winners and an endless supply of drinks and snacks on hand.

          And one final tip..... Try not to be Outsmarted!